EDIT: The people have spoken. The king trusts his queen. Expect the rest of the story (which is roughly the same length) next month! Thanks for participating!

Original caption follows:

Check my Instagram stories today to vote for which ending I will draw as the first post of next year. There’s no joke or twist here: it’s a straight up fairy tale. Both endings are already written, and I like them both. It’s up to you.

I guess I end this year leaving myself some homework for the next one. There are a lot of long stories I’ve never told because I could never fit them in the regular comic posting schedule: they take too long to make and it’s hard to make them readable on some platforms. But I’m finally dipping my toe in those waters, and hopefully you’ll see longer narratives from me next year. It may entail some tweaks to my posting schedule… we’ll see. Port Sherry is due for a shake-up.

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays.

Pedro Arizpe