This was pretty much exactly as it went when Loli, our little persian cat, proudly placed in front of us its latest prey. My brain had barely enough time to register what was wriggling in her semi-open mouth as she climbed onto bed, but once it hit our sheets it sent me and my wife scrambling for the door. We had to change the sheets (er, because of what she brought, not because we crapped our pants) and I barely remembered to praise Loli for her gift… but by then she was totally confused and upset by our reaction.

As single panels comics take a fraction of the time to do, I experimented with brushes and whatnot to flesh it more. The anatomy is all wonky and unrealistic, and the color is a bit rough; overall, though, I’m glad I didn’t use just flat colors again. The most pleasant feature, the style of the characters’ eyes, was lifted from a terrific french illustrator called Arthur de Pins.

I had hopes of having all the information by now, but this single panel comic is a sign of things to come, since the future of Port Sherry as you know it is getting… hazy. I hope I have more concrete news by the next update.

Thanks for stopping by!

–Pedro Arizpe

PS. Do you want to know what it was? Place the mouse cursor over the image.