After several delays, some due to work, but also because I chose to try new techniques on it while not knowing what the hell I was doing, this comic is finished. During its process, these sources of inspiration shaped its final form:

Demon’s Souls

Eldon Dedini

Erich Sokol

Lost and Taken

Masamune Shirow (NSFW)


Donn Kenn

A lot of Dash Berlin and Yuzo Koshiro’s Wangan Midnight Soundtracks.

This will be my last comic… for a while. I recently took upon a big responsibility which, at least on a short term, will keep me extremely busy. In theory,  once things are settled I will be able to devote some time to the comic, but in the meantime I will be mostly focused on other stuff. Things will work out great in the end, I hope.

Thank you!

–Pedro Arizpe