This is a happy week! (after a miserable one that had me sick and sleeping through most of it). My sister is getting married this weekend, so this comic is in no small part inspired by her relentless Facebook feed. Love you, sis!

Second, the people at Digital Strips featured Port Sherry in their latest podcast and had some very kind words for it. It was so surreal and unexpected, one of the very few times the spotlight is actually on the site and I just kept waiting, anxiously, for the dreaded “…but, having said that, here’s all the thing it does wrong.” And it never came! It was just positive stuff from top to bottom. And yeah, they pronounced my name quite close! Arizpe: Are – is – pe (as in the first “Pe” in Penelope). Thank you so much, Steve and Jason!

Finally, well, this is my 500th comic. So thank you all for reading!

–Pedro Arizpe