Uncle, don’t help

I take all the blame here. Not my proudest moment as an uncle.

Big news: I have a comics magazine now!

Port Sherry (Port Sherry Monthly to avoid confusion) is a monthly digital anthology collecting seven new comics, along with a foreword, liner notes and front and back covers.

Are these comics going to be shared online for free? Yes, every one of them! They will be shared throughout February and March, one new comic a week. Port Sherry Monthly is a “middle way” for me to provide more value to the kind people who support my work, and to properly showcase the longer narratives I’m planning for this year, while allowing me to keep sharing comics for free on a fixed schedule.

Port Sherry Monthly is available as a reward for $3 and up pledges on my Patreon, or for purchase through Gumroad.

I hope you enjoy the new comics I have in store for you. This is going to be a good year!


Pedro Arizpe