I know. I’m not crazy either abouth the mish-mash of styles. Truth is, since “Bedtime Story” I’ve tried to find a cartoony way of drawing water without it looking too busy and “line-y”.

I’m also not crazy about the fact that my first nude drawing on Port Sherry had to be of man ass.

But yeah, greek mythology, you gotta love it. Theseus was the hero founder of Athens, so the Naxos incident, as chronicled by Hesiod and others, made him look like a jerk. “(a) God made me do it” was a valid excuse back then, it seems, since it was used all the time to cover up human blunder. I knew about Crete but did not know about the ditching, even though at one time the painting “Ariadne and Bacchus” was thoroughly explained to me. It was an amused comment from my wife a few weeks back that made me look more into it so I could find out all about this silliness. I encourage you to do the same, it’s fun!


–Pedro Arizpe