When it comes to derivative works, I get the impression that Calvin & Hobbes stumps most of the people that try to tackle it. I don’t know why, but most of the tributes or parodies I’ve seen fall flat in two camps: the mushy, overly reverential fan art that for some reason indulges in seeing Calvin as a grown-up (which I think misses the point: it doesn’t matter if he becomes a monk, a father or a criminal, you are only meant to think of Calvin as a kid); or, sadly more common: the perversion of its subject. I can’t fathom the lack of imagination that compels the knuckle dragging, “hurr durr, imma gonna ruin your childhood!” of Calvin having a sex doll, the imbecility of a murderous Calvin in Robot Chicken or the general intention of shitting on the spell of one of  the greatest, most honest and rewarding comic strips of all time to add shock value to a mediocre product.

Ahem. I thought Joker and Lex was ok, though. And the pills apocryphal strip: that was actually quite deep.

I’m not saying my little tribute here is the way to do it, but c’mon: the strip is an intelligent celebration of imagination. It deserves much, much better.

–Pedro Arizpe