A couple of weeks heavy with freelancing gigs broke my streak of updating every week. Can’t get too mad with money, though, especially if it gets me closer to a new tablet. By the way, I just cashed my first adsense check! Am I a professional artist now?

I have to update my About page, but what stays the same is that I still use Port Sherry as a learning ground. After losing most of my custom brushes on an OS reinstall (stupid me), I wanted to try my hand again at painting backgrounds without line art. It still looks crude and like don’t know what I’m doing, but in the end I learned a couple of new tricks. That’s what this is all about. That and wanting to make “real” the weird crap that usually only exists in my head.

I tweaked a loose setting on the host control panel and hopefully the site won’t go down as much as it’s done in the past. Sorry if you happened to notice.

Oh, oh! Also, last week I ran into two of my comics… translated into russian!: Tacos Johny and I’m sorry, Rudy. That was rad, and a very clean job, to boot. Thank you, “v-k”

Hope to see you all soon again!

–Pedro Arizpe