All panels are true anecdotes exaggerated for comedic effect. My wife actually knows her videogames (she loves Rez) and I’m… not actually a jerk in real life.

Anyway: what a couple of weeks.

Right after finishing “Idletown”, my tablet broke down. Since I’m currently unemployed I was hesitant to get a new one, so for “The Obsolete Add-on” I tried to work with scanned line-art. That didn’t work at all, so I borrowed a tablet for a couple of days. There and then I realised I had to bite the bullet and spring for a Wacom.

This comic was made with my brand new Bamboo Fun aka “My first tablet”. It doesn’t get any more entry level than that, but it’s loads better than the Genius Mousepen. I have the worst luck buying tablets, though, because it took a week and a half to arrive. Late as it already was, I pulled an all-nighter and last night I made “So I married a gamer” from scratch. That’s why it’s a bit rough and not in color. Though let’s just say that it’s actually a homage to Nedroid and Daniel Clowes.

Um… Port Sherry has been officially turned down by Adbrite AND Project Wonderful. I guess my plan of making a few coins from the comic isn’t happening soon.

I’m planning on starting right away on the next comic and posting it ahead of schedule, just to make up for all the time without a tablet. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m off to bed. Thanks for swinging by.

–Pedro Arizpe