It’s at times like these that I wished the text appeared before the comic, as I fear I spoiled quite a few enjoyable bits of a couple of Silent Hill games. I’m so sorry.

I wish I could come up with more videogame-related comics, but the truth is that money is tight this days, so I haven’t been able to keep up with recent releases as much as I’d like. Hell, I think the most recent game I bought was… Halo 3. As much as videogames are my favorite topic, talking about Mario, Sonic and other classic games for lack of first-hand knowledge of current games gets old and forced.

News of this combat-less Silent Hill piqued my interest. Despite not having played Homecoming, the series is one of my favorites and I’ve devoted several hours to its study. I have a profound admiration for its approach to interactive horror, and despite a few hiccups in the last outings, the decision to remove combat could get the series back on track, as it seems a natural evolution of the series’ chief principle: to make the player feel helpless. There’s no sarcasm in this comic: I seriously applaud this bold move and I hope Konami follows through with it.

About the Aura Interactor: I believe it was in the mexican magazine Club Nintendo (Nintendo Power‘s sister) where a friend and I caught a review that made the thing look like the coolest add-on ever, though it was actually too expensive for what it did (“feel the punches!”). I think the technology would later be used on those “gamer chairs” with integrated subwoofer. I invite you to look up some info on the Interactor, if only to confirm that we are talking about a 90’s thing: most sites about it are of the lovely Geocities variety that came with the internet when it was brand new.

See you next week!

–Pedro Arizpe