Of course, I’m far from the first person to talk about this weird phenomenon, but what I often see is that people complain about their voice being higher or lower than what they hear in their heads. That’s not what bothers me. What drives me crazy is this… bored, dispassionate quality to my voice. I don’t know what’s up with that.

I was making a video for my nephew the other day and there was this horrible droning coming out of me, so to match the enthusiasm I was hearing in my head I had to gesticulate and enunciate so much it almost turned into pantomime, like playing to the back row of the theater.

People that know me for the longest time say it’s not that bad, but I often wonder with the people that don’t know me too well. I would make this quick witty aside and from their reaction I take it it came off instead as a grave whisper that had to be taken dead seriously.