Yup, bear with me on these ones.

I’m thinking about upgrading my tablet when I get my first adsense check. I’m having a terrible time deciding if I should go for an Intuos4 or an Intuos3. 4 sounds amazing, what with all its sensitivity levels, but all the horror stories about the surface eroding the nibs in a matter of days give me pause. I read nothing but praise for the Intuos3, but it only has 1024 levels and is, somehow, $50 more expensive than the newest model. Also, apparently my little Bamboo Fun tablet had the same rough surface than the new Intuos, and the original nib is still going strong after nearly a year (although the surface is all smooth now).

Sigh… I’ll keep doing some more research.


–Pedro Arizpe

PS. Are you watching Adventure Time on Cartoon Network? I am: best thing ever on TV right now.