Well, that was pretty brutal. I crippled my wrist coloring this comic as fast as I could to finish it on time. I’m fond of how it turned out, though. It’s long, but hey– I’d like to think my comics aren’t just illustrated jokes, but illustrated short stories.

This was a particularly grueling piece to finish in one week, so I don’t feel too bad about reminding you that you can support this kind of extreme behaviour by donating. I would like nothing more than to stay cooped inside churning out comics every week, but it’s not all that profitable right now. Remember also that you don’t have to click on the ads just to support us, but if you see something that might interest you, by all means, click ahead.

Thank you for visiting. I’ll probably do a few smaller pieces in the future, as I need to create a comics buffer to avoid these mad rushes. But you know me… not THAT small.


–Pedro Arizpe